National HIV Testing Week USA

June 21 to June 27 are the dates for the first ever National HIV Testing Week for the US. National HIV Testing Week USA provides an unprecedented opportunity for partners (community based organizations, healthcare organizations and providers, other healthcare professionals, advocates and policy makers) across the US to unite for one week to help more people become aware of their HIV status and to encourage those who know their HIV status and are not in regular HIV medical care to start a discussion about treatment. Twenty national organizations have agreed to partner in sponsoring this outreach effort and we hope that the success of National HIV Testing Week USA will engage everyone in conversations about getting tested for HIV, getting treated for HIV and preventing HIV transmission.


Resources for the National HIV Testing Week USA

A range of materials and resources have been developed to support testing week activities. They can be downloaded from the National HIV testing Week materials section to support you with future activities. In the Get involvedsection you will find examples of effective testing initiatives to help inspire you with ideas about what you can do to encourage more people to get tested for HIV. We hope that you find them useful. You can also share your own examples in the Upload materials to share section.


2015 US HIV testing week events

In 2015, 347 provider locations are joining in promoting their HIV Testing Event with our national network of event providers!




National HIV Testing Week USA is hosted by the Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services and co-sponsored by a number of national and international organizations and institutions

Some of the largest national and international organizations and institutions have demonstrated their support for the testing week by agreeing to sign up and disseminate information to their membership networks. These include the following organizations:




UCHAPS thanks HIV in Europe and its Secretariat, WHO-EURO and the nearly 500 organizations that participated in the first European HIV Testing Week November 22 to 29, 2013 for their invitation to collaborate on the expansion of HIV Testing Week to include the USA. UCHAPS is enormously grateful for their generosity.







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UCHAPS thanks our European partners for their invaluable assistance with this project.