June 21 to June 27 is the National HIV Testing Week (NHTWUS) and Local Engagement Advocacy Day (LEAD) is June 26. They provide an opportunity for partners across the US to unite for one week to encourage individuals to become aware of their HIV status and to encourage those that are HIV-positive and are not in care to start a discussion about treatment options with medical professionals.

Benefits of HIV Testing

Why test

Many HIV testing tools such as the Determine ™ by Abbott Pharmaceuticals provide preliminary HIV results within minutes, and many are available at your local community-based HIV organization many times free of charge. Knowing your HIV status and discussing treatment options with your doctor, increases your chances of reducing the viral load in your system.

NHTWUS history

The National HIV testing Week US was started in 2014 by UCHAPS, a group of community and governmental representatives who work for evidence-based HIV prevention methods. NHTWUS has grown into a national partnership for HIV testing and rallies up to the National HIV Testing Day which marks the end of the National HIV Testing Week US.


NHTWUS Event Map

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There are a number of ways that your organization can help to increase access to HIV testing. For example you may want to carry out:

  • Advocacy initiatives for voluntary, confidential and free HIV testing
  • Awareness raising activities for key populations at higher risk
  • HIV testing outreach activities for key populations at higher risk
  • Capacity building initiatives (e.g. training of healthcare staff)
  • Policy meetings
  • Other activities that seek to reduce the barriers of HIV testing and fulfill the aim of the National HIV Testing Week

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